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Mobile Websites

People read, watch, shop, share and play with their mobile phones. Every day, more and more activities are making a move to the mobile platforms. For work and play, people prefer their smart phones and tablets. Digitization will push for more disruption and we will see this trend grow. If you own a traditional website, you should know how important it is for your product or brand to be available to users on the go.

You may have to face the confusion and despair of choosing the right mobile device, platform, and environment. You will have to figure out which operating system is the right choice. Things will get worse when you dig deeper and find out about cross-platform applications.

Take a deep breath. A mobile website that work on all devices all the time is a myth. You need a custom solution to give a specific kind of mobility.

BluEnt recommends the following solutions.

Get a responsive layout.
Your website content will appear the same on a variety of devices, platforms, and screen sizes without using advanced features. Our UX+UI team designs the best browsing experiences for blogs and content websites.

Get a dedicated mobile website.
For extra user interaction and custom mobile functionality like buying products, filling in detailed forms etc., get a dedicated mobile website for your product or brand. We will build a seamless experience which will make your mobile users forget the frustration of navigation, visibility, and loading time.

Get a custom mobile app.
Build a native app and get advanced features such as offline mode, device hardware features (camera, GPS, accelerometer, etc.), advanced security, data synchronization, and more. Our team of mobile app developers are skilled in major platforms including native iOS, Android and Windows.

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